In the past, the “ends-justify-the-means” mentality helped businesses focus on growth and profit, often at the expense of their employees. Today’s entrepreneurs are taking a different approach, focusing on ethical practices in conjunction with pursuing profitable management strategies. If you’re interested in pursuing your entrepreneurial enterprise and want to adopt a more ethical approach, these tips can help you.

Be a Good Leader

You can get started by choosing to lead over managing your staff. When you take on the role of a leader, you set an example for your employees to follow and encourage them to offer their input. This strategy creates a team mentality, meaning each member of your team will strive to do better for the benefit of the group. It also improves communication and transparency, streamlining all collaborative efforts.

Show Empathy

It’s easy to forget that your employees are human beings with fully realized lives outside of work, but try to consider their needs when making decisions for the team. This starts with providing a sanitary and safe working environment, but should also include showing concern for employees’ personal lives. You can extend this empathy to the community around you by participating in community events or by donating to local charities (and encouraging employees to do the same).

Adopt More Eco-Friendly Practices

As an ethical entrepreneur, you should care about the environment in your area and around the world. This means cutting down your use of limited resources by finding more eco-friendly alternatives. You can also implement the use of smart technology and institute policies that limit your use of energy. As you look at your business, you may find other ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Give Back to Your Community

There are many ways you can give back to your community other than making donations to local charities. Offering scholarships and hosting food drives are just a couple of ways that you can positively impact the people in your community. Any effort you make to benefit others will be appreciated and can improve the image of your business and brand.

Becoming an ethical entrepreneur will take effort and conscientious thinking, but the experience will be rewarding in several ways. In addition to evolving your positive work environment, you’ll also earn a more positive brand image for your company—it’s truly the best of both worlds.