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Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine


David Drumheller is the principal of JDM Ventures, a
multidimensional New York real estate operations/
management consulting firm serving multifamily
property investment clients across the Greater
New York area. With 12 years of experience in the
multifamily real estate space and boundless passion
for the field, David has set his sights on serving clients
through his own company to meet the growing demand
by multifamily owner-operators for assistance with
strategic real estate acquisitions, fundraising, deal
execution, and operations.

10 Researched-Backed Ways to Improve Sales Success


While you’re undoubtedly laser-focused on a monster fourth sales quarter, something else requires your attention: 2020 planning. It’s time to reflect on what brought success this year that you want to continue, as well as what didn’t work that you need to change. What are the most pressing matters to address?

Should I Become an Entrepreneur? 7 Key Questions That Will Make You Think.


Becoming an entrepreneur is a life changing decision. Sometimes it just happens naturally and, before you know it, you’re an entrepreneur. However most times it requires a deep, possibly life changing self-analysis.

Should I become an entrepreneur?” is a question only you can answer.

Ways to Be Happier at Work this Year


Do you dread Mondays? You’re not alone. According to a 2018 Linkedin survey, 80 percent of professionals experience the Sunday Scaries. That’s kind of a scary stat considering we spend so much time at work.