When you are starting a new business, it is a roller coaster of emotions. Getting the funding and then finding the right team can be tremendously difficult tasks. Thus, it’s easy to become negative about the entire process. It can even become a task to stay positive. We live in an instant-gratification society, which makes it hard to see the big picture. We hear about the entrepreneurs who sold their companies for millions of dollars. It seems as if it happened overnight. However, this could not be further from the truth. Entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time — months and even years — developing their product or service. There are numerous stages of starting a company. And some of them can be overwhelming to the point where the entrepreneur gives up. Staying positive is one of the keys to success. Yet, it’s easier said than done. Here are some ways new entrepreneurs can stay positive while focusing on long-term goals. 

  1. Give Yourself Permission to Fail. Yes, you heard correctly. Entrepreneurs must have the mindset that not everything will turn out as planned. By accepting this at the beginning of the entrepreneurial process, the failure will be easier to manage. You’re also giving yourself permission to learn, as we do from our failures. 
  2. Look at your Previous “Wins.”  By looking back and taking note of your past successes, you will feel an instant boost to your mood. When you fail, you are focusing solely on the moment. It’s easy to forget about the successes that got you to this point in life. It’s also helpful to dissect each win to remind yourself of the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. 
  3. Find a Mentor. Talking to someone who has the same goals or has been where you are currently will help you stay on track. This person can give you advice and you can learn how he or she overcame their obstacles, which can also spark your creativity in ways you didn’t think of before. 
  4. Keep a Journal. Writing down your successes and failures helps to keep them in perspective. It will show you what you have learned, which will motivate you to keep moving forward. You can also keep inspirational quotes and your goals in the journal to get you (and keep you) excited for the future. 

These are just a few ways to help new entrepreneurs to stay positive as they build their companies. They may seem like a bit of work, but once employed, entrepreneurs will find it easy to pick themselves up, learn from their mistakes and look forward to achieving success.